TPS Report: Long 7s

On a beautiful day (and night) for baseball, today’s TPS Report comes to you live from a cozy place of rest.

The “cabbage patch” bat boy that works for the visitor’s duggout night-after-night needs to be recognized as the hardest hustling bat boy I’ve seen. The Chico Outlaws obviously are impressed with his efforts – they’ve dressed him in a Chico jersey today. I wonder if he gets to keep the jersey?

I have no scientific data to back it up, but personal experience tells me that the coldest beer in Foothills Stadium comes from burger & brat BBQ. The friendliest beer still comes from THWBCIC.

Jorge Mejia is my favourite everyday player. This has been true all season, but I’m making my man-crush official now.

Did you see me the Mrs and me on the jumbotron during the (belated) seventh inning stretch!

For two consecutive innings the Vipers loaded the bases with only one out, and they failed to score during both of those innings. To top it off, both those innings had walk-off potential. They made up for it in the 9th though, thanks mostly to a “jump-bunt” by Dillon “L-M-N” O’Krane and a walk-off-walk delivered to Fehlandt Lentini. A win is a win, baby, especially when it moves a winning streak up to 13. Final score of part one of the double header: a 7-6 comeback win for the heroic Calgary Vipers.

I don’t think it was just me, but I was pretty tired for part two of the double header (which started a 9:00 PM – four hours after game one). I could have had a nap on the berm. And all I did for game one was drink beer and eat junk food. The players still looked sharp for game two. Further proof of the athleticism of ballplayers.

Quite the different look for the Vipers infield for game two. Buddy Morales catching, Yuki “Hey” Matsumoto at first, Dillon “L-M-N” O’Krane at second, Jorge “The Real #14” Mejia at short, and Caonabo Cosme at third.

The second game was black vs black as far as jerseys went. Both unis had red numbers, too, so the only real difference from afar was pants colour. Home white slacks vs road grays.

Working the late, late, late shift, the Vipers’ herculian 13-game winning streak came to an end. Final score, 10-0 for the bad guys.

Catch the start of a new Vipers winning streak tomorrow.

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3 Responses to TPS Report: Long 7s

  1. Viperfan says:

    Dang missed you on the Vipertron….. I suppose if I knew who you were it would make it much easier LoL. There a couple of us detective types that are trying to detect your alter ego (and the missus when she is there). Keep sending us clues!! Once again loving the blogs. I look for them as soon as I get home from work. It really sucks when you miss a game and I realize you have a life other then baseball but maybe you could write some filler blogs for when you are away or there is a long stretch between homestand. Just a thought – no pressure, well maybe a little pressure……..

  2. xolager says:

    I wrote a few “filler” posts during the All-Star break, but I’ll try to be a little more creative during road trips and what not.

  3. Viperfan says:

    It would be greatly appreciated. I also enjoy the fact that by the time I get home your blog is usually already written and posted. Again no pressure, I am okay with it if I have to wait a few minutes…… LoL

    FYI I send fans your way for info that is not on the Vipers website, so thank you also for that!

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