Make It Five

The popularity of Ten Prairie Sticks is (not) sweeping the nation…


Don’t get left behind!  Four (count ’em – FOUR!) Google Reader subscribers (sadly, including me) are already experiencing the following benefits:

  • Black text on a white background!
  • Indication once a post is read that it has, in fact, been read!  No more reading things twice by accident!
  • Sortable posts!  Sort by newest or by oldest!
  • Things like this written in white text that won’t directly show up in a Google Reader page, but will if you highlight the text!  Holy Easter Egg, Batman!
  • The ability to “like” things, dig-i-tally!  Make your “like” e-official!

So, while simultaneously tooting my own horn and mailing in a post, thank-you and until next time!

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