“Distance is Incomprehensible and Therefore Meaningless”

I just saw this opening line from a press release:

For the second time in the last four games the Calgary Vipers were shutout…

So what?  That’s a bit of an alarmist way to open up a press release, isn’t it?

Yes, off the heals of a franchise record 13-game winning streak, the heroic Calgary Vipers have been shut-out in two of their last four games.

Don't Panic

For every alleged reason to panic, there’s a rebuttal:

  • Reason to Panic #1: Calgary has lost 2 of the last four!  Augh!
  • Rebuttal: Calgary has won 15 of the last 17, and 9 of 11 to start the second-half of the season.  Don’t panic.
  • Reason to Panic #2: Calgary has been shut out twice in the last four games!  Augh!
  • Rebuttal: Calgary ran into hot pitching in those two games.  It’s baseball, and those things happen.  In the other two games, however, Calgary has scored 19 total runs.  The league’s best offense is still there.  Don’t panic.
  • Reason to Panic #2: Calgary will most likely play either Chico or Edmonton in the first round of the playoffs – and they’ve both shut Calgary out!  Augh!
  • Rebuttal: In the second-half of the season, Calgary is 4-1 against Chico and despite a 10-0 loss, has outscored Chico 31-27.  In spite of a 9-0 loss, Calgary is 1-1 against Edmonton in two games in Edmonton.  It’s a small sample size, and a road split is good.  Don’t panic.

In conclusion, don’t panic.  The cream always rises to the top in baseball – that’s why they play a million games a season.  Calgary’s been the best team in the GBL all season.  No one else comes close to their .700 full-season winning percentage.  DON’T PANIC.

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