TPS Report: Pink Friday

Tonight’s TPS Report comes to you live from my driveway as I check over my spelling. I’ll bet I missed a typo or two, as usual.

It’s the start of the most important weekend of the Calgary Vipers’ regular season schedule: Paint The Park Pink.

Rick Guarno is a clutch hitter, and he proved why again today in multiple situations. With runners in scoring position, I relax when I see #5 come up to bat.

The Cobra Clutch Joe Sergent had a no-hitter going through three and out-dueled the alleged best pitcher in the league for a statement-making win. Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Sergent is an Ace.

How many different songs for batting music does Fehlandt Lentini have, anyways?

Sorry, wife, but your favourite Viper, Hawaiian Sensation Mark “Yogaman” Okano is now an Edmonton Capital. Your not allowed to like him anymore. Not in my house (especially after his 2-run shot – over the netting – in the fifth).

Speaking of former Vipers, welcome back “Tha O.V.” Carlos Duncan and Mr 400 Darryl Brinkley. Nice to see you and all, but don’t get any hits or anything, eh?

Happy birthday GLROTY Colin Moro, and thanks for the 2-run bomb in the fourth.

Capitals DH “Big” Walter Young is the size of two regular DH’s. How the heck does he have a stolen base? How did that happen? Plus, his home run trot is slower than congress.

The jersey silent auction had some anxious moments for yours truly. I knew which jersey I wanted, but I had to do a lot of last minute hovering to make sure I wasn’t out bid. My strategy of making a huge initial bid (it’s all for a good cause) paid off!

Over $700 for the 50/50 winner… huge! I was 38, 39 and 40 numbers off.

Edmonton’s catcher, Matt Ceriani, took a ball off a tender spot. Ouch! …But then the trainer picked him up from behind by the armpits, and dropped him on his butt a few times. Amazingly, this weird physical therapy cured his pain. Odd.

The trivia video featured the shadow of Mac Suzuki highlighted by the golden aura of his locks. ‘Twas a great look.

Got my jersey after the game, met my player… and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. Amazing.

Oh by the way, Vipers win… It was like 100 to 5, or something like that.

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2 Responses to TPS Report: Pink Friday

  1. Viperfan says:

    Hmmm no real clue as to your alter ego there…… but nice jersey. Will you be wearing it to a game? My son only takes his ptpp jersey out for extremely special occasions. It’s name is “Amazing” and it has it’s own drawer. You see it was once worn next the skin of Mr. 400 himself. True story. See you at the game!

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