TPS Report: Colour The Comeback Pink

Tonight’s TPS report comes to you live from my computer… for the first time.

I didn’t see any last night, but I’m spying some actual Capitals fans in the stands today. One has to assume they’re visiting because they yearn to see a real baseball team.

What did I say yesterday about Rick Guarno?  Oh yeah, I love it when I’m right.

The Capitals jumped out to a prompt 4-0 lead, and lead 8-3 for a large part of the game.  DON’T PANIC.  These Vipers are comeback specialists, and the proved it again today.  How does 3 Vipers runs in the 7th followed by 4 Vipers runs in the 8th grab ya?  A tip of the cap to Dallas Mahan who pitched three clean innings in middle relief to keep the comeback dream alive.

Again, we stand in awe of Mac Suzuki.  No E5 is going to rattle him with a save on the line.  That strike-em-out, throw-em-out (at third) was as good a finish to a Vipers game as I’ve ever seen.  Final score, Vipers 10, Caps 9.

And yes, VipersFan, I wore my pink jersey today.  This jersey is now 2-0 in Foothills Stadium.

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One Response to TPS Report: Colour The Comeback Pink

  1. Viperfan says:

    woot woot – still no real clues as to your true identity. I finally figured it out, this is your alter ego so we are trying to figure out your true identity. Guessing you wont be posting a pic of the back of the jersey – course I might guess that it could belong to that certain player you adore……….

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