TPS Report: Beaten Pink

Today’s TPS Report comes to you live from the Big T’s BBQ, across the street from Foothills Stadium.

When is it too early to dawn a rally cap? Is the bottom of the first too early? Is the top of the first with only one out too early?

“Big” Walter Young played first base today, and he even half-dove for a ball. He’s going to need a rest.

Tough outing for Erik “Dechain” Dessau, but that doesn’t change the fact that’s he’s a real big-game pitcher. He’ll bounce back. Count on it.

After a weekend of pink unis, I’m ready to see the Vipers in their home whites and/or alternate blacks again.

Final score: Edmonton a lot, Calgary a little bit less this time. Edmonton can leave Calgary proud that they didn’t get swept.

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3 Responses to TPS Report: Beaten Pink

  1. trent says:

    What was the final score? It was 17-2 when I left in the 4th inning……

  2. xolager says:


    The comeback fell a bit short.

  3. trent says:

    The fact they went the last 5 innings tied would have been a different game then the first 4 ;)

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