Vipers Still Undefeated In August

With today’s double-header already in the books, it’s never too early to look at the month that currently is… August.

The Vipers, In August, So Far:

  • Loses: 0
  • Earned runs against: 0
  • Total runs against: 0
  • Team batting average: ∞
  • Team LOB: 0
  • ABs in which “The Bat From The Hat” Drew Miller didn’t hit a home-run: 0
  • Number of times Fehlandt Lentini was caught stealing a base: 0
  • Number of pitchers man enough to face GLROTY Colin Moro: 0
  • Number of batters man enough to face Joe “The Cobra Clutch” Sergent: 0
  • Inherited runners that scored on Mac Suzuki: 0
  • Strike-out-to-walk ratio of Dallas Mahan: ∞
  • Number of pitches by Reggie Rivard that didn’t exceed 100 MPH: 0
  • Times a ball got by the dynamic middle-infield duo of “Bonafide” Nelson Castro and  Jorge “The Real #14” Mejia: 0
  • Of all the home runs hit by Ivan Reyes so far this month, this many have actually landed: 0
  • Caonabo Cosme’s fielding range: ∞
  • Innings pitched by Evan Greusel that weren’t 1-2-3 innings: 0
  • Batters that didn’t cry when facing Hideki Nagasaka: 0
  • Drops of precious beer spilled by THWBCRC: 0 (this is true for the entire season, actually)
  • Number of times “Sing For Your Supper” was giggled as opposed to sang: 0

I also personally guarantee that the Vipers will go undefeated this weekend against the Tijuana Potros… running the streak of the undefeated August up to ten (10) days.

To put a further positive spin on today’s post, here’s an inspirational read on Vipers utility-man extraordinaire, #7 Dillon “L-M-N” O’Krane from the Calgary Sun.  With the Vipers monthly calendar prominently figuring into the Sun’s sports section, I’ve been pleased with the coverage the Vipers have got in the Sun – and articles like the one on Dillon are icing on the cake.

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2 Responses to Vipers Still Undefeated In August

  1. Viperfan says:

    Loves it!!!

  2. Penélope says:

    Hola Caonabito, soy tu admiradora… además somos casi primos, pues soy prima-hermana de Eduardo Hernandez… Mucha suerte y que sigas avanzando,


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