TPS Report: Behind Enemy Lines

Tonight’s TPS Report comes to you live from Victoria, B.C. Yup.

Enjoyed a fair share of Phillips Chocolate Porter prior to the game at a little joint called The Local Kitchen, followed by pints of Spyhopper at Sopranos. Like everything else in Victoria, it’s all pretty good, but well overpriced.

The Seals’ ballpark appears to be in the “funeral home district” of Victoria. The ballpark has a cozy feel to it, as if the game were taking place in an actual suburban park. I’ll post pictures later.

“Bonafide” Nelson Castro hit a home run off of someone’s SUV parked just beyond the left field fence. Careful where you park when the Vipers are in town, Victorians.

For the “spin around the bat and then race” inning ‘tweener promo, contestants have to make ten rotations before they can run. This lead to way more entertainment than the version of the promo they run at Foothills.

Seals baseball actually has live play-by-play broadcasts on local radio. Take note, and get your house in order, Calgary radio.

Victoria got a quick lesson in the power of Drew Miller. With the bases loaded and two outs in the fifth, The Bat From The Hat faught back from an 0-2 count to drive home two huge runs.

My fellow Calgarians, tip your THWBCIC generously. In Victoria, they don’t even sell beer up and down the aisles.

“The Cobra Clutch” Joe Sergent went five strong giving up five hits. He was a bit of a victim of the long ball, but the final story is that he seriously out-dueled the Seals’ starter, and he left the game with a three run lead.

Not too shabby, the winner of the 50/50 goes home with $450 tonight.

It was nothing but fear that lead to GLROTY Colin Moro being intentionally walked in the eighth. Fear The Moro.

The last two batters Mac Suzuki faced in the bottom of the ninth represented the game’s tying run. Mac struck ’em both out. Final score: Calgary 10, Victoria 7

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