The RAP: Royal Athletic Park

We interrupt your most-recent Vipers winning streak to bring you first-hand pictures of enemy territory: Royal Athletic Park in Nice-But-Overpriced Victoria, BC:

Here’s a panoramic view from the $16 bleacher seats.  Notice the lack of seats with backing:Royal Athletic Park

The Vipers’ Bus spotted pre-game:
Vipers Bus

The concessions booth:
RAP: Concessions

The modest merchandise booth.  Notice folks lined up to buy tickets outside the fence:
RAP: Merch

A very cool way to present the line-ups:
RAP: Line-ups

The mascot meets the umpire:
RAP: Pregame

The scoreboard meets Dillon “L-M-N” O’Krane:
RAP: Scoreboard

The left-field side (a 317-foot chip shot), with the chain-link outfield fences:
RAP: Left-field Side

Outfield, very pretty and community-feeling:
RAP: Outfield

Beer is served in flimsy plastic cups:
RAP: Beer

Here come the lights:
RAP: Under the lights

The bump and the box:
RAP: Hot action!

A win in Victoria:
RAP: The winner is... Calgary

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