Toque Night

ToquesSeven years ago come this October, I met a man named Matt.  Matt was visiting our fair country from Oregon, U.S.A, and the two of us got to talking.  Like most Americans I’ve met (and contradictory to the unfair stereotype), Matt was incredibly nice, personable, generous, and interesting.  We talked about his wife and four kids, my ability to eat a lot of pizza, his affinity for bow hunting, my apparently dry sense of humour, and his passion for cooking.

One of his sons had asked that he bring back “something Canadian” from his visit.  Matt knew what he wanted – a toque – even thought he had no idea what a toque actually was.  Toque shopping with Matt became a real adventure – especially since he was determined to get the ultimate expression of things Canadiana in toque form.

We finally settled on a knitted number with a pom-pom on top and a representation of a moose on the front.  Matt kept chuckling to himself as he held the toque in his hand, saying something like “I can’t believe you guys wear these things.”

You bet we wear them, and we wear them proudly.  Tonight is toque night at Foothills Stadium.  Game time is at 7:00 P.M.  Go Vipers.

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