TPS Report: Acey Deucy

Tonight’s TPS Report comes to you live from my home computer.  I typed up an award-winning TPS Report on my iPod Touch, but the WordPress App ate my post, and now it’s gone for all eternity.  This version is guaranteed to be shorter.

Firsts for me tonight:

  • Hearing the national anthem whistled before the start of the game.  Mark The Whistler also nailed Take Me Out To The Ball Game.
  • Seeing shoes hanging powerline-esque at a pro ball diamond.
  • Witnessing the raw power of Sergio Pedroza in a Vipers uniform.  He absolutely crushed two different Jose Lima offerings. 
  • The new Vipers starting lime-up intro on the jumotron.  It sure looked good.

Ace Vs Ace!  Speaking of Jose Lima, he squared up against “The Cobra Clutch” Joe Sergent tonight in what is sure to be a preview of game one in the playoffs.  Good news, Vipers fans, Joe won is pretty much every way.  Less run allowed, less earned runs allowed, more strike-outs, and a registered win.

Happy early birthdays to Joe Sergent and Boots Day!

I get more and more impressed with GLROTY Colin Moro with each at-bat I see.  The man is legit, and is my predicted playoff MVP.  Also, that was a beauty slide in the second to avoid the tag at home.  

Speaking of MVPs, Nelson Castro helped his push for .400 today by going 3 for 5 (even though the scorecard I just scanned and uploaded says 2 for 5… oops).  Castro and fellow DMID (Dynamic Middle Infield Duo) member Jorge Mejia turned one of the slickest 4-6-3 double plays you’ll ever see tonight.  Flips, twists, turns, wicked facial hair (Kit “Mint on the” Pellow at first base to complete the trick) – it had it all.

Right before his epic E6, I was thinking to myself that Capital Jose Morban looked uncharacteristically scared of the ball at shortstop tonight.  Whatever it was, the Vipers noticed too and jumped all over him when it mattered most.

The last of the (relative every-day) newcomers, Wilver Perez, quietly put together a nice game for himself, too.  Two runs, two hits… and one of those runs was on a daring rush towards home during a passed ball (or was it a wild pitch?).

Gotta say Pete Sikaras looked good in an inning or relief.  He certainly held the fort when Edmonton looked like they were going to rally.

Finally, Mac Freaking Suzuki strikes ’em out 1-2-3 in the ninth to save a 10-7 victory for the first-place Vipers.  Mac Suzuki.  Man oh man he’s good.

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