Nelson Castro – SS, jersey #4, second batter in the line-up, one-half of the DMID – entered the season finale six-game home-and-home series versus the didn’t-earn-it Edmonton Capitals batting .401; and then he batted thusly:

  • He went 2 for 5 (.400 for the game, .401 on the season) on Tuesday in Calgary
  • He went 1 for 3 (.333 for the game, .400 on the season) on Wednesday in Calgary
  • He went 3 for 5 (.600 for the game, .403 on the season) on Thursday in Calgary as I waxed romantic
  • He had a well-earned day off on Friday in Edmonton
  • He went 4 for 5 (.800 for the game, .410 on the season) on Saturday in Edmonton
  • He went 2 for 5 (.400 for the game, .410 for the season) on Sunday in Edmonton

How’s that for coming up clutch down the stretch, eh?  MVP! MVP! MVP! (More on the case for Castro as GBL MVP in a later post.)

So “Bonafide” Nelson Castro finishes the 2009 regular season batting a GBL-record .410 in 300 At-Bats.  Freakin’ brilliant!  He batted .399 in 148 ABs on the hallowed ground of Foothills Stadium, and a mind-boggling 0.421 in 152 ABs on the road.  He batted 0.446 in 193 ABs in victory, and 0.346 in 107 ABs defeat.   Most importantly, he batted a staggering 0.452 in 73 ABs with me in attendance, as I was probably drinking beer.

For the total 300 ABs of 2009 (spread over 69 games played), Castro was the model of consistency. Here’s a day-by-day graphical look:


Obviously you’d expect to see some fluctuation at the beginning of the season, where the sample-size is small, but as the weeks and months wore on, Castro maintained a batting average in the .390 to .420 range, and was on the north side of .400 more often than not.

Congratulation to Mr. 410, Little D’s favourite Calgary Viper since the moment she first laid eyes on him.  Little D knows how to pick a winner.

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3 Responses to .410

  1. Sarah says:

    Absolutely her favourite. She is coming out to see him if he’s back in the Foothills Stadium this summer. No excuses!

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