Championship Photos (with TPS Report-esque Comments)

The hallowed grounds of Foothills Stadium filled with 2212 die-hards fans.  Certainly not the largest crowd of the season, but it was the loudest.

Champs02: Fehlandt Lentini
Fehlandt Lentini takes off like a bullet and steals third base in the bottom of the fifth. They scored it a wild pitch, but we all know he had third anyways.

Champs03: Sergio Pedroza
Sergio Pedroza’s grand slam in the bottom of the sixth was (no kidding) the hardest, fastest, highest and longest hit home run I’ve ever seen – anywhere.

Champos04: Kit Pellow
After driving in the second run of the game, Kit “Mint on the” Pellow drove in three more for good measure. He raised his playoff batting average by almost 40 points in the championship game. He also looks like my uncle-in-law (who was in attendance, and agreed).

Champs05: Sergio Pedroza
Pedroza scores on a Pellow single in the fifth. Like the first inning and the sixth inning, the Vipers put a four on the board in the fifth.

Champs06: Drew Miller
“The Bat From The Hat” Drew Miller set the tone from the first game of the playoffs. In the second season he batted .355 including going 2 for 5 in the final game.

Champs07: Colin Moro
GLROTY Colin Moro did whatever it took to get on base during the final game. Call it a Colin Moro hat-trick: one hit, one walk, on hit-by-a-pitch (and three runs scored).

Champs08: Evan Greusel
PC Evan Greusel adds to his legend. The winning pitcher of record during the clinching game got a standing ovation after 5.1 innings of solid work.  Greusel took a come-backer off the hand in the third, but he powered through.

Champs09: Under the lights
The hallowed grounds of Foothills Stadium goes under the lights with the Vipers comfortably in the lead. The bats were dialed in. The Vipers bats chased Tucson Toros’ ace RHP Lorenzo Barcelo after only 3.1 innings, and the Toros had to use six pitchers in total.

Champs10: Rick Guarno
The scouting report on Rick “Big Hit” Guarno out of AA was that he was a defensive specialist that couldn’t hit. The scouts were half-right. Guarno lead the high-powered Vipers offense with a .483 batting average in the playoffs, hitting in all eight playoff games.

Champs11: Wilver Perez
Wilver Perez was a welcome addition to a team that seemed to have a new third baseman every week. He drove in a run in that huge first inning.

Colin Moro comes in to score (again) in the bottom of seventh on a hit by “The Real #14” Jorge Mejia as Fehlandt Lentini looks on. This was the 18th of 18 runs for the Vipers last night. Not bad for a big game, eh?  Oh yeah, Feh went 4 for 5 and scored 4 runs in the big game, too.  Yeah, that’s right.  Where’s that loser hometown heckler now?  “Hey Fehlandt, remember me?”  

Champs13: Mr 410 Nelson Castro
How did Bonafide Mr 410 Nelson Castro ply his trade in the clinching game? 3 RsBI, .750 OBP, and three runs scored. Hats off to who should be eventually named the 2009 GBL MVP.

Champagne celebration…

…more champagne celebration…

…and more champagne celebration.

Slider joins in the fun.

Closer Mac Suzuki gets mobbed by Yuki Matsumoto (I think).


Champs20: The Flag
Presented by commish Kevin Outcalt (not in picture), the Vipers get the championship banner. Owner Jeff Gidney can be seen in the white sweater with the Canada flag. Team booster Billy looks on proudly.  Manager Morgan Burkhart just got his Gatorade shower from Joe “The Cobra Clutch” Sergent.

Champs21: Flags Fly Forever
The DMID of Castro and Mejia do a lap with the championship banner…

Champs22: The DMID
…lap 2.

Champs23: GBL Cup
The Vipers drink from the GBL Cup.

Champs24: Rick Guarno & The GBL Cup
Rick “Big Hit” Guarno and the GBL Cup.

Champs25: Final Score
The Final Score, and a thanks from management.

Champs26: Aftermath
Aftermath. Congratulation, Vipers!

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5 Responses to Championship Photos (with TPS Report-esque Comments)

  1. Sandy DeMott says:

    I’m a little late commenting on your pictures,videos and comments. I am the parent of a player on the Vipers team, and we were able to spend about 2 months total in Calgary during the 2009 season,as well as time in the states watching the Vipers. Your website is awesome,and I know the players have to be thrilled with SOMEONE in Canada that appreciates professional baseball! Thanks for all the work–you are awesome–I took over 2,000 pictures of these guys this season , and hope to be back next year to do the same.
    Patrick Haas is the best announcer going–and we have listened to most of them as we were traveling, as we were at home in California listening–he is very knowlegable,very interesting, and we love to hear that ‘bye, bye,baseball!’ call.
    Hope to see you in 2010

  2. xolager says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Sandy. Honestly, it’s comments like yours that are the most rewarding part of writing about our local baseball heroes.

  3. jim oliver says:

    I just wanted to tell u how much our family enjoyed all the pictures and articles you wrote like sandy we have a son on the team it made great reading and the boys loved it thank you

  4. Anonymous says:

    Take a look at the trophy presentation ceremony…is the Vipers leader Conrad anywhere to be found? Nope, the man doesnt care about the team…just look at the rings he got for the champs….No wonder it was hard to keep the players for the 2010 season.

  5. xolager says:

    From what I’ve heard, new rings are going to be issued.

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