Championship Videos

Videos from the Calgary Vipers’ Golden Baseball League Championship-clinching game.  Check out the photos and commentary, too.

The last pitch and ensuing celebration:

The presentation of the MVP award (Golden Bat), GBL Cup, and Championship Banner:

On a personal note, as a sports fan, this was my favourite moment of fandom.  Congrats to the Vipers!

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8 Responses to Championship Videos

  1. Liz Guarno says:

    It has been great fun following the Vipers and reading your blog..thanks and Congratulations to the Vipers!

  2. xolager says:

    Thanks for reading!

    …and I’ve gotta ask, what’s your relation to “Big Hit” Rick? He sure had a helluva playoff. I actually thought he was going to be named MVP. He had a good chance and played superbly.

  3. Liz says:

    I’m his Mom!….many thanks for all your positive comments on Rick…

  4. xolager says:

    You’re welcome :-)

    You raised a terrific ballplayer. It was a pleasure watching play for the Vipers all year. He was one of my wife’s and my favourite players all year long.

  5. joe sergent says:

    hey xolanger,

    thanks for putting the site up for us players to look at and even get pictures and videos that we wouldn’t be able to get if it wasn’t for your support. all the players look at it and have a blast with what you write. you make us feel like big leaugers. thank you for doing this and hopefully we will be able to repeat next year!!

    the cobra clutch

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