Eric Francis is Forgetting Something


It’s a good time to be a sports fan in Calgary, says Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun and those unfunny bus bench ads for Jack FM (“like free mittens!” hahaha!):

In a world in which we often neglect to stop and smell the roses, now might be a good time for Calgary sports fans to take stock. In consecutive weekends, the Stamps and the Flames went undefeated against their biggest rivals and provincial counterparts. Both have stellar records as does Canada’s second-ranked Hitmen and the nation’s third-ranked Dinos football team. None of this is to mention Calgary is also host of the defending NLL champion Roughnecks and of next month’s Grey Cup. Drink it in Calgary — these are good times.

I wonder which professional sports team in Calgary Eric “France” Francis is forgetting?  Could it be a 2009 league champion with a league MVP and the top manager to their credit?

Eric Francis, a sports reporter by trade, may not recognise or care about professional baseball in this city, but our professional baseball players do care about their fans.  Check out this comment we received from Calgary Vipers ace pitcher Joe “The Cobra Clutch” Sergent:

thanks for putting the site up for us players to look at and even get pictures and videos that we wouldn’t be able to get if it wasn’t for your support. all the players look at it and have a blast with what you write. you make us feel like big leaugers. thank you for doing this and hopefully we will be able to repeat next year!!

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