Check-Check Me Out

It may not look like it here, but I am writing during the Vipers off-season.  Bookmark 7th Inning Stache and follow me on Twitter to keep up-to-date on my thoughts on Pete Rose, the MLB salary cap, Calgary weather, and more (I’m going to squeeze some Vipers stuff in there, so don’t tell anyone in case I get busted).

You should be able to find out which writer I am from the featured writers page.

Wish me luck.  Go Vipers!

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5 Responses to Check-Check Me Out

  1. Vipersfan says:

    Are the rumers true Calgary Vipers pitching coach was fired this week. The guy that threw out the franchises first pitch, won 3 Calgary Pitcher of the year awards, 4 all star teams, as well as league honours of pitcher of the week and month a few times. not to mention getting the win in the clinching game of the first round against Edmonton and the championship game. And the pitching coach that helped take the team to 3 finals, and was fired following the year they finally won it. does anyone know if this is true?

  2. Joe Sergent says:

    Yes the rumors are true from what i have been hearing. Evan is a great pitcher and a great coach too. He literally built the pitching staff over the last 3 years and was very instrumental in getting me here to win my first championship. He can recruit with the best of them in this league vouching for the city of calgary and for the calgary viper fan base with every player he talks to. He is a great friend to me and I dont understand why he was giving the axe. He deserves better and I hope he comes back and gives it to us because of it. And I didnt even talk about his pitching here. 3 times he threw out the first pitch of the season and was the first pitcher to ever throw out a viper pitch. It is a truly sad day in viper land for me today.

  3. xolager says:

    What? Really? I haven’t heard about any of this. I’m stunned. How do you replace a guy like PC Evan Greusel? Where did you hear about this, Vipersfan?

  4. Vipersfan says:

    I took my kid down to the bubble and over heard some people talking about it

  5. VIPERS MOM says:

    This doesn’t surprises me for Calgary has been this unorganized and completely unprofessional since it started. Who in there right mind would do something like this. This guy is a complete professional both on and off the field. I have seen the pitching through out the years and since Evan has been the coach, it was one of the best around, WHO WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2009?????? Who was the guy that not only pitched this year but last year and the year after, through some pain and possible broken hand during the games when we needed him, and giving it his all??????? What is wrong with this management??? Are we getting the turnip truck throw backs???? You would think after five years things should be getting better but they have gone from bad to worse. Now that Edmonton has a great organization, I guess we get to take the trophy for dumbest front office EVER!!!! And then to hear this on something like this web page, I think this is one of the best one around, but to let the rumors fly and NOT meet it head on. I think this organization is one panty-waist pansies, that have no idea how to run a baseball team!!!! I have never been this disappointed in this organization and I have supported them through some really stupid things thinking things will get better!!!!!

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