2010 Micro-Preview

By popular demand.

First, things to look forward to according to John Conrad (via email correspondence):

  • The Vipers won’t charge as much for beer as do the Flames
  • Budweiser is back
  • Labatts is back
  • Spolumbos are back! I repeat, Spolumbos are back!
  • The players will be getting new Championship rings. Apparently there was an error in the first order
  • Unlike most MLB parks, The Vipers have a no outside food policy. This isn’t new, but I never knew it was official policy until now.
  • The Vipers have a budget, and as far as player moves go, they’re following a plan (I guess we’ll see how this plays out as the season progresses)

Now, my quick takes on the Vipers 2010 season:

  • First and foremost, the 2009 Championship was worth a rebuilding year, if that’s what 2010 will be. 2009 was a terrific season featuring special players, and those of us fans who took advantage and went to the games are really lucky. I wish guys like Rick Guarno, Evan Greusel, and Colin Moro the best of luck going forward (they’ll and the rest of the departed 2009ers will be missed!)
  • I know there’s a lot of discontent in Viperland, but I for one (A) still want to go to live professional baseball games in Calgary, and (B) will still support the players on the team – who ever they may be. I think there’s a difference between supporting the players and supporting ownership. If you want to support the players, come to the game and cheer like hell. If you want to support ownership, then also buy t-shirts, programs, concessions, and all the other extra stuff. I’ll let you decide where you fall – but DO tip THWBCIC generously!
  • My God, look out the window. Who’s ready for baseball season? In a perfect world it’d be sunny and twenty and the first pitch would be in 30 minutes.

I started this blog to support the Vipers organization and players in my own little way, and I have no reason to stop.

Go Vipers!

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13 Responses to 2010 Micro-Preview

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am all for re-building and cutting budget, but you got to keep Nelly right, MVP of the league batted 410. But I don’t by the cutting budget, look at the Vipers last trade. Moro for Cosme. Moro in his 3rd year was making 900 a month last year. Cosme was making 2700 on the books. I am guessing Victoria is going by a budget and that is why they dealt Cosme back to Calgary. Cosme is looking for 3500 type money does that sound like cut backs. Not to mention Moro was the local guy, born and raised to Calgary, works in the Bubble across the street.

  2. xolager says:

    That’s a good point, and I find the Moro trade to be even more baffling than the Castro trade. Didn’t Moro’s parents come to every game here in Calgary?

  3. Colin Moro says:

    Not only did my parents come to every game, but so did a lot of my friends. Conrad told me to my face that i was stealing money from Gidney by giving my friends free tickets to the game. Friends that will have at least 4 beer and food. Conrad also said that he’d rather have empty YELLOW seats then to have the players fill them by giving tickets to people they know.

    Obviously there is more to the trade than everyone know…or even more than I know as I have had both the manager and the president both denying that they were the one who decided to trade me. All I know is that weather Conrad was the president or not I would have played my heart out as a Viper. I want to thank all the fans who have wished me well in Victoria. For all my ex-teammates who are still with Calgary, too bad you aren’t in Vic with me. See you all on June 12th!

  4. Evan G says:

    Hey Colin just be greatful you were told you were traded, Burky and Conrad did not even call me to tell me i was traded, i read it on the golden league website after getting a text from someone in the league. Talk about handling things right a gave 5 seasons of my life up there and i cant even get a call to say hey Evan you have been traded to Chico. And Burky traded you he wanted Cosme back the minute he traded him during the playoff run, but Conrad sure didn’t stand in his way, haha. As far as things Conrad has said how about how mad he was that we won the championship in game 4 because he said he wanted the gate in game 5. Good luck Moro i will see you some time this summer.

  5. xolager says:

    “Not only did my parents come to every game, but so did a lot of my friends. Conrad told me to my face that i was stealing money from Gidney by giving my friends free tickets to the game. Friends that will have at least 4 beer and food. Conrad also said that he’d rather have empty YELLOW seats then to have the players fill them by giving tickets to people they know.”

    This is crazy.

    Foothills Stadium constantly has thousands of empty seats per game. If the options are to (A) have EVEN MORE empty seats, or (B) fill a few seats with friends and family who hopefully buy the odd consession item, common sense dictates that B > A.

    Seriously, who thinks empty seats are better than occupied seats?

  6. Anonymous says:

    CONRAD does Xolager

  7. Notaconradfan says:

    Has anyone heard yet if there will be discounts in place like they had last year?
    It is going to be interesting to see how they treat some of the patrons that have been supporting the team since it’s start. I know of one couple that won’t buy seasons tickets but they buy a load of flex packs and attend almost every game. The ticket office used to save the same 2 seats for them and they were allowed to bring in their own water and snacks. Somehow I can’t see that continueing and that would be a shame. Conrad needs to learn some people skills.
    Conrad gave another interview talking about all the tickets sold by little league teams as fund raisers so if you convert Conrad counts in to real life I believe they have probably sold about 1500 (as opposed to his 5000).

  8. xolager says:

    Due to slowpitch and a few other rec sports I play, I usually miss a couple games a week so I don’t get season tickets. I am, however, considering a season-tickets-worth of flex packs just like you mentioned, and I’ve been told that if they’re in the Yellows, I can’t be guaranteed the same seat every game, which I don’t think is unreasonable… but that’s because I prefer the Reds anyways.

    As per the Vipers food and Drink policy, I doubt anyone will be allowed to bring in snacks anymore. That’s too bad. The Spolumbos are great, but I like a real healthy option now and then, too.

  9. You recollect 18 more century

  10. Julio says:

    If you are starved for some Vipers action,the Seals are webcasting the games in Kamloops. The link is at victoriaseals.ca

  11. Julio says:

    As for as the original post:

    -My bet is that prices for beer, and indeed for other food products will remain the same. Beer as I recall was $5.50, (the Flames are 6.25) The one exception might be the beloved beer/Spolumbos combo, merely because AGLC would probably have a problem, seeing it as discounting booze.

    -Labatt’s and Budweiser are the same company, so no surprise there…it is nice to have continuity in what the THWBCIC are selling, it used to change almost from homestand to homestand.

    -Spolumbos are a happiness…good local company. Hopefully they will have warm buns to go with the hot sausages…I hate a cold bun with hot dog/sausage.

    -People have never been able to bring in food to Foothills. The Cannons had the same deal. I don’t think they would be that worried if you bring in a bag of twizzlers or a juice box, but going to Peter’s and bringing in a bunch of food won’t fly.

    Home many days till the 27th?

  12. A Vipers Fan says:

    Nobody need to worry. I’m certain that Howard & Jean who’ve never spend a penny more than the cost of entry at Foothills Stadium will still have their reserved flex-pack seats and they’ll still be allowed to bring in their lunch box, cuz that’s just the way it’s been FOREVER and Conrad won’t waste energy fighting that. And while I understand 100% why retired folks on a sometime limited fixed income would chose to do exactly that, I’m frustrated that the average fan like you and I, who on warm days would like to bring a 1L bottle of chilled water or the occasional bag of fresh fruits gets punished and others not. Foothills Stadium, under the supervision of John Conrad is the only venue that I know who will not allow people to bring in their own water. And no Julio, a bag of twizzlers won’t fly either.

    It’s too bad this blog sometimes turns into a venting session, but I’m glad there is an outlet. I think we all agree with you that yes, we enjoy professional sport, we show-up night after night to support the players, not necessarily the organization. But there were alot of bruised egos this off season, both in the locker room and the fan zone, WITH REASON. Key players were traded as commodity without the most basic of common courtesy and fans saw their favorites leave for the other camp one after the other. I myself could not contain my excitment this off season at the thought of seeing our 2009 champions(not just in name) battle to keep their title in 2010, but now what has been done cannot be undone, regardless of how unhappy I am about it… Home Opener is 2 weeks away (!!!) and I simply cannot wait!!! I wish every single guys out there wearing a 2010 Vipers’ unform the best of luck and I hope that in the face of adversity, they’ll put up a fight and a good show, that’s all I can ask. While I’m not a fan of John Conrad, I’m a Vipers fan at heart. Go Vipers Go !!!

  13. Jason W. says:

    It’s illogical for Conrad to believe that empty seats are better than comp tickets handed out. Just today at work two co-workers were making fun of the Vipers and their “12 fans in the crowd”. People in this city like to be part of something popular (Flames/Stamps), and if they go to a game an see an oasis of gaudy yellow seats they make fun of the whole production, feel like losers being there, and don’t come back. Besides, people with comp tickets are most likely going to eat, drink, and buy something from the gift shop; bring a friend(s) in the future. Comp tickets are planting seeds for future support. If Conrad can’t see this…

    I cannot imagine what “plan” the management is following, “with a budget”. I’m curious what plan involves dumping a .410 League MVP and a local talent who works with the public in your new facility. Or your frachises’ best pitcher. It’s probably the same plan that charges season ticket holders for playoff tickets before the season begins- I have never heard of such a thing! This irks me- is charging each season ticket holder or playoff tickets NOW just a sneaky way of getting a “loan”, or banking the playoff ticket $$$ and making interest off it? I feel used by paying for playoff tickets now; it smells of using your most loyal fans.

    I do not believe you could clasify a GBL team as being in a “rebuilding” year because it’s not that type of system in this short-season type of ball. Either you spend the $$$ to assemble the best team possible or you don’t. You can’t sign a prospectwho will become another Nelson Castro. You can’t “rebuild” but you can certainly DISMANTLE.

    It took THREE attempts by me to secure my season tickets this winter/spring. The new ticket fellow, Landon, was good to deal with finally, but it should not have taken 6 months to do this. Looking at my tickets, they have printed on it twice (!) NO REFUNDS-NO EXCHANGES.
    This is new…up until now season ticket holders could exchange an unused ticket for another game. The Cannons also had this policy. Has this perk been eliminated? I didn’t receive so much as a pocket schedule or anything. I don’t expect a t-shirt like the Vipers gave one year, but all I got was taken for an extra $40, for theoretical playoff tickets (which up until the arrival of Conrad were given out FREE to season ticket holders) and no more exchanges allowed. And my loyalty has been repaid by not getting to watch Castro, Moro,Lentini, Grusel…

    There is no extra benefit at the moment of being a season ticket holder. I’m losing money. It’s been tradition since the Cannons, but walk-up or flex packs might be a better option.

    I too only found out about what moves the Vipers quietly made over the winter by the GBL websites’ Transactions page. The moves are very troubling. In spite of this I will support the players again this season and then make decisions based on team performance and management activities….

    Enjoy your website- it’s a great outlet for fans to be heard!

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