RIP Jose Lima

Former Edmonton Capital and all-around entertainer Jose Lima has reportedly died of a massive heart attack. He’s fondly remember by this site:

Jose Lima on TPS

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6 Responses to RIP Jose Lima

  1. Camera Girl says:

    Pretty unreal. A year ago he was in town for the Vipers home opener and now he’s gone, too early, at 37.

  2. Notaconradfan says:

    He seemed like such a great guy. Took time – lots of time for the fans, especially the kids. You could tell when he was in Viperville because it seemed all the kids left with an autographed ball. Gone far too soon.

  3. Jason W. says:

    Best memory of Jose Lima was last season when Peter Young passed Lima the microphone, and Lima sang “Happy Birthday” to a fan. That was very cool.

  4. fan says:

    Last year at the home opener, my year and a half old grandson was playing with one of the brooms at the concessions after the game, when Lima comes out of the dressing room on his way to the bus and sees him and in his big booming voice say “Hey little man, you don’t be pushing a broom, you swing a bat” and gives him one of his bats which he signs, and then says “Here you swing this and makes lots of money so mommy and daddy don’t have to work!” He was a big presence of a man with a great heart!!

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  6. xolager says:

    That’s a great story!

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