TPS Report: Finally

Today’s TPS Report is brought to you live from game two of the finally-it’s-here home opener.

Man, you don’t realize how much you miss live baseball until you’re back at the ballpark.

Mrs. Lager will have to wait to try the Spolumbos. The BBQ was closed.

THWBCIC braved the frigid temperatures to serve us beer whilst wearing… shorts!

The Vipers players have their names on the backs of their home whites now.

And speaking of uniforms, Maui has some spicy duds. White pants with a red an yellow triangle checker pattern up the sides of the legs. The jerseys are a briliant green with the same pattern on the sides, yellow numbers, and “Ikaika” scrawled across the front in yellow with red trim. There seems to be some kind of feather logo on the rear right shoulder. The caps are black with green brims and a yellow M as a logo. I love these unis.

My first game of the year, and my all time favouite ballplayer, The Cobra Clutch, is on the mound. Can’t beat it.

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2 Responses to TPS Report: Finally

  1. Gus says:

    The logo on the right rear shoulder of the Maui uniforms is a map of the Hawaiian islands. You can see photos of a number of their uniform variations at

    Enjoy the opening series!

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