TPS Report: Nearly a No-No

Hey look, another TPS Report. How about that?

Before I could gather my thoughts (and finish my first beer), it’s 2-0 Orange County.

So what are the Vipers going to do with the 2009 Championship banner? Keep it by the broadcast window and have it folded up (so it doesn’t blow around and block said window), or move it to, say, one of the outfield foul light poles?

Always tip THWBCIC generously. I’ve witnessed a few no-tippers this year, which is unacceptable.

It’s worth a mention that the natchos are very well dressed. At a Flames game you have to ration the cheese, but here you actually get cheese (and jalapenos, and salsa) to spare.

Baseball is always (always!) greater than French. So why did I notice two chicks reading and reciting French literature in section H?

I was aware of Orange County’s no-hitter from the begining. I became interested in it by the fifth, and actually started rooting for it by the seveth (after the Flyers scored 7 to make it 12-0).

As the first batter in the bottom of the eighth, Kevin “Pcondollezza” Price lined a 1-2 pitch down the third base line to break up the no-hitter. One hit down, 12 runs to go.

After pitching a scoreless 9th, what can’t Dillon “L-M-N” O’Krane do?

Tough game. Good thing I drank a tonne of beer. Yes, a metric tonne.

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