TPS Report: Slider Seduces Ump

I think the Vipers and Seals should have coordinated their jerseys this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Calgary’s red-lettering on black jerseys vs. Victoria’s red-lettering on dark blue jerseys. At least Calgary aren’t the ones wearing Majetic batting practice jerseys.

First he gets in trouble for annoying the opponents intbeor dugout, and now he’s performing mating dances for the Umps. Slider stepped his game up this season.

Anastacio Martinez, today’s starting pitcher, appeared to be sporting the “Gretzky tuck” with his #48 jersey. Very stylish.

“The Real #14” Jorge Mejia broke up Victoria’s no-hitter with a line drive single to right to lead off the fifth.

With two gone in the top of the sixth, former Champion Viper barely beat out a grounder to second (Mejia made a terrific diving stop) to erase Martinez’s no-hitter.

Looks weird seeing Colon Moro wearing a Seals jersey and number 19.

Ugh, huge baserunning gaff by the Vipes in the eigth with two on an two out and the score still 0-0

Versatile catcher Kevin “Pcondi” Price looked solid at third base.

Wow, what a walk-off shot by Luis Ramirez. Vipers win a pitcher’s duel 1-0

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17 Responses to TPS Report: Slider Seduces Ump

  1. Anonymous says:

    So a bit off topic, but the biggest crowd so far this season was on Saturday with 2500, yet, apparently the Vipers average over 2600 per games according to Pointstreak. Any thoughts?

  2. Annonymous says:

    They also had over 1000 on their opening day double header. There was no more than 140 at either game. Trust me. I counted.

  3. Jason W. says:

    Johnny Kaplan hustles. He is the hardest playing new Viper thus far.

    Does anyone know if either Nelson Castro or Carlos Duncan have suited up for Yuma? I cannot find any indication that they have, or been released/injured,etc.

  4. Julio says:

    Agree with you on Kaplan…he’s my favorite new Vipers…
    As for Castro and Duncan, neither have played for Yuma…Castro ‘retired’ to teaching, and it’s been mentioned that salary demands were the issue. As for Duncan, he wasn’t mentioned by Yuma after he was announced as signed by Peter young…who is now the head man in Yuma…poor Yuma.

  5. Anonymous says:

    poor yuma, they are in first place

  6. Julio says:

    Nope Maui is…Yuma has lost their last 4.

  7. Jason W. says:

    1) Losing streak at 10: Runs for-44. Runs against-92.

    2) Trading Matt Edgecombe to Victoria was a good move. Other suggestions: Kevin Price is quicker and has a better arm than Luis Teveras. Make Price the starting catcher. Canabo Cosme is missing one hoppers he should be snaring. His bat is not on fire either. I would be giving Dillon O’Crane more time at third. Julio Ramirez and Reyes have noticably reduced playing time. Reyes is good defensively. If they aren’t going to be everyday players, why have them under contract?

    3) The best two Vipers during this 10 game losing streak is Drew Miller and Jonny Kaplan. Imagine the Vipers without them! Consider this-how many times have you had to pass around the home run bucket this season?

    4) Why not dispense of the contracts of Ramirez, Cosme, Teveras and bring back Nelson Castro!? He is worth the $$$ of all three combined.

    5) What happened to the 2009 Championship flag? Isn’t the organization proud? Hanging it limply out a pressbox window for two homestands and then making it disappear? Weird.

    6) However,The popcorn and ice cream batting helmet containers are really cool.

    7) Boots Day… way too conservative in waving runners in! He has been holding up runners, 3-4 times who have a great chance of making it in to score– during a 10 game losing streak! Boots!-take a chance once in a while-the Vipers are getting creamed and the wheels are coming off- there’s nothing to lose in the 1st half now!

  8. fan says:

    1) Don’t look for losing streak to stop OC is playing well, maybe in St George they will get off the hook

    2) I agree Edgecome good trade but is what they got any better, a light hitting 34 yr old Cronin who didn’t start today. Price should be starting somewhere behind the plate 3rd base where ever. Cosme doesn’t want to be there and it shows nice trade bring back the hometown legend MORO!!! Dillon good utility guy he deserves a chance, but he is great off the bench late. I agree cant have high priced players on the bench, they are probably only holding on the them so they don’t join Edmonton and come back to beat us.

    3) Drew Miller is the BEST!!! Kaplan plays hard, you can never say anything bad about a guy like that

    4) I agree bring back Nelson what a bad move that was Conrad. I hear Castro won’t come back as long as Conrad is with the Vipers, what about Lintini, sure could use him in center field and lead off. I heard he told Burkhart he would have been back if it weren’t Conrad.

    5) Not sure about the flag but if it were my team that would be hanging high in center field or maybe in left right behind Drew Miller.

    6) The popcorn and ice cream was probably Conrad’s one big off season move.

    7) Day is old probably can’t see them.

    8) 2nd half plan got get Guarno, Castro, Greusel, Mahan, Rivard, Houghes, Sakaras, who i can’t find playing anywhere and save Pellow from the TJ mess and lets make a run at the 2nd half and defend our title.

  9. Anonymous says:

    about the flag – when asked, Conrad’s response was “I don’t know”
    Typical answer from a man who has ruined the team.

  10. another fan says:

    and what about Annie Patterson, the girl who sang the national athems AMAZINGLY, heard her mom and Conrad got into it and now I see we have sign up for singing the national athem on the website, YIKES!! How long til Conrad ruins this team for good??

  11. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Conrad already has. PETER YOUNG for PRESIDENT anyone???

  12. Jason W. says:

    1) I thought the recent article in the Calgary Herald on Jeff Gidney had an odd moment when Gidney said something to the effect that he loved serving up hot dogs to the fans but John Conrad won’t let him do that any more.


    If I own the team, putting up my $$$, all for the fun of it, why would I let my employee dictate something so ridiculous? Gidney may be too nice a guy for his own good. Look at the “Baseball Academy”, the improved seating, the scoreboard screen, heck-just the fact we have a baseball team to watch that has never turned a profitable season, and Gidney states he has no intention of getting out. The Vipers in fact do about as good a job as the Cannons ever did. So in the big picture I support Gidney and professional baseball in Calgary.

    BUT, this is a poor ball club on the field in 2010. I’m not sure who is ultimately pulling the strings with personnel moves but there in a total disconnect between the thinking that went into the 2009 roster and the 2010 roster. I worry when I see the biggest crowd of the season on June 30 booing the hometown Vipers like they did. You’re not making new fans, that’s for sure, and these people are less likely to come back. “Country Day”, “Mexican Day” etc. are great and all, but you better put out a club worth seeing. This is not a team worth watching. Gidney is an owner worth supporting.

  13. anonymous says:

    Jason W, you are right on–the 2010 Vipers are a poor ball club. The personnel changes are ruining any chances of a team melding together to work together to win games. 2009 was fantastic! Bring back those pitchers!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Conrad is to blame for everything.
    1) Conrad is the one that chased off MVP and 3 time All Star Nelson Castro.
    2) Conrad Fired Pitching Coach and 4 time All Star Evan Greusel and traded him as fast as he could.
    3) Conrad traded All star Colin Moro to Victoria.
    4) Conrad chased off All Star Fey Lintini
    Last years Championship was not Conrad’s it was Peter Young’s, all Conrad has done is chase off all of Peter Young s guys. He got rid of the Vipers that were the core of the team, besides Drew Miller and Joe Sergent. I understand that they won the Championship and now they have to cut back, but this is ridicules. Don;t the fans deserve more?

    As far as Mr. Gitney is concerned, he has done great things in Calgary with baseball. Give him and his son Neil all the credit as Neil should be leading in the Organization in the future. Gitney is one of the nicest people i have ever met and yes sometimes too nice maybe. But he has know clue what Conrad is up to. Conrad is a true Viper, scratch that SNAKE! First of all Conrad knows nothing about baseball, so knowing how to run a baseball is out of the question. Conrad is racking up enemies throughout the league, Yuma, Victoria, Edmonton the league guys, almost every organization including going in and yelling at the Umpires.

    Here is another one for you, at the winter meetings the league was changing a rule involving the inactive list. The old rule was you could bring guys on and off as much as you wanted throughout the season which the vipers used to keep and extra reliever in the bullpen by rotating a starter on and off after starts. The changed rule is now you have to stay inactive for a week, and since starters throw every 5 days they would miss a start. When the vote came to Conrad he voted for the new rule, and then began to say the old rule was no good and could not believe teams would miss use it. Everyone was laughing at him because there was a inside joke that that rule was nicknamed the VIPER rule, haha what an idiot.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Calgary is 20-20 now in 4th place, i don’t think i have ever seen Calgary in 4th place, not even in there expansion year. The crazy part is they have only played first place Yuma 4 times to start the season, second place Maui 2 games in a rainy weekend, and ZERO games against the best record Chico Outlaws, what is going to happen when we play them?

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