All-Star Drew Miller

Congratulations to the Calgary Vipers representative at the 2010 GBL All-Star game, The Bat From The Hat, Drew Miller.

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11 Responses to All-Star Drew Miller

  1. anonymous says:

    Congratulations Drew–have a great time at the all-stars! You are the bright spot on the Vipers this year, for sure!

  2. Jason W. says:

    1) Drew Miller has never had a bad season with the Vipers and easily has the most power at the plate.

    2) Jonny Kaplan continues to impress me with his hustle and the sheer baserunning speed. I don’t know what his OBP is but he is a great lead-off hitter- every game he is getting singles and doubles. If those who decide were paying attention, Kaplan should have been an All Star too.

    3) Earlier I criticized not using Julio Ramriez, Guillarimo (?) Reyes, or Luis Taveras, and that the Vipers should release them. Were they really affected by the food poisioning incident, because now they are all in the lineup, and the Vipers are much improved from the 12 game skid.
    Taveras has little power at the plate compared to Rick Guarno, but seems to call a good game. Ramirez is good in the field and at the plate.

    4) Canabo Cosme….I don’t understand him. Is he lacking confidence or lazy? The balls that get by him are easily playable- he is not getting in front of the ball, and this cost the Vipers 2 runs Friday night. Brent Metheny despite the moustache is solid (fantastic bottom of the 9th winning hit last Sunday) and perhaps could handle 3rd better and move Cosme to 1st. O’Crane is better at the corner than Cosme. He seems disintrested- Maybe he should watch Kaplan and understand the concept of effort. Except for one game at home in July he has been a nonfactor at the plate.

    5) Brent Metheny: buddy,when your “Paint the Park Pink” jersey is going to be auctioned off later, don’t use it as a towel for your face during the game! That’s gross.

    5) I read all these negative comments about John Conrad on this site, and yes, some of the off-season moves were atrocious. And while there is no reason to disbelieve the first-hand comments on here by Colin Moro, or Evan Greusel,or the young lady who always took photos by the dugout; I don’t know how much to believe comments like “Nelson Castro will never play here as long as Conrad is here” or “Conrad got into it with the Anthem singer’s mother”. As someone who has been a season ticket holder since day one, I have never seen so much effort put into daily promotions or theme days. They’re really trying at Foothills. I really appreciate that; I’m impressed.
    “The Inflatimaniacs” were great for the kids, for example- the general atmosphere at the park is more fun- it beats the heck out of watching Peter Young skulk around in those sunglasses and big angry frown. Except for that losing streak when the team was garbage, in the 2nd half they have been competitive and the theme/promotions are good, so give credit where credit’s due.

    6) Slider is thew best mascot in baseball-period.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As a season ticket holder since before day one, the 2 comments that you are not sure on, actually happened. Annie has sold her demo’s to Yuma, as Peter Young believes in promoting the talent, not to have a loud arguement in the stands with an 11 year old’s mother as Conrad did. And yes, Castro will NOT come back to Calgary while Conrad is here, the same goes with most of the other players that “left”.

    As for the daily promotions and theme days, those are the ideas of John Hindle, NOT, I repeat NOT Conrad’s.

    As for watching Peter “skulk around”, it is better that he is out in the park, rather than locked up in his office for most of the game, the game that he does not know much about.

    And I agree that Slider is the best, not only in baseball, but sports

  4. Jason W. says:

    1) Mr. Hindle deserves a lot of credit, because literally every game is an “event” night, and Sunday had a good crowd for the 9-inning Give Away. Thanks for clearing that up.

    2) Amy did the national anthem at the Stamps game on Saturday night; A loud argument in the stands with a child’s mother? Wow.

    3) Chico has a very good ball club; their pitching and catching (Rose) is superior to Calgary’s. I think the 7-8-9 positions in Calgary’s batting lineup was weak. I was wrong about Metheney trying third, which ironically happened the next game- 2 errors, but 1 great snare. But- he is one of the better batters and base runners on the club. Between the John Denver at-bat music and the moustache, this is a different cat. I thought O’Crane was actually good behind the plate this series and a better hitter than Taveras overall. I would be interested in hearing Morgan Burkhart explain why Taveras is a regular, over platooning with Price or O’Crane. Mejia’s game has deteriorated this season, they need him to turn it on for this last month.

    4) Does anyone know who goes about scouting/researching player personnel for the Vipers? Also, are contracts negotiated in the Golden League; are there caps on a contract? Someone on this site earlier said that Nelson Castro’s contract demands were an issue in Yuma, but I thought each player earns only so much per month in tha GBL?

  5. Julio says:

    Roster Rules from the GBL website:
    The GBL roster rules:

    1. 22 active player rosters maximum
    – May play with less
    – Roster expansion to 25 on August 15th
    – No roster changes after August 15th
    with the exception of being able to
    replace a player acquired by an MLB
    2. No player classifications
    3. Players that are 29 or older on January 1st of 2010 are eligible to play in the GBL only if they have had AA, AAA, Major League, top level international experience, or previously played in the GBL. Any 1980 birthdate or older must have the experience listed above to be eligible.
    3. There is no minimum or maximum salary
    4. Each team is allowed two coaches and a trainer in addition to the manager.
    5. Player/coaches are allowed and are
    included against roster limits.

    This seems to say that there is no league salary cap. Also, a change from last year is the number of transactions in a year used to be restricted to 17 in total, but now it’s unlimited, which explains the much higher number of player movements this year.

  6. Ccamera girl says:

    looks like all the negativity killed this blog… And that’s really unfortunate. Now this is just a wild guess, but I can imagine how frustrating it must be to pour hard work into a blog you’re passionate about and be rewarded by comments unrelated and overwhelmingly negative. It’s a shame, because I’m sure, just like me, before this was hijacked and transformed into a “I hate John Conrad” soap box, we all enjoyed coming here to read XO’s take on the latest game, acquisition, etc…

  7. Camera Girl says:

    looks like all the negativity killed this blog… And that’s really unfortunate. Now this is just a wild guess, but I can imagine how frustrating it must be to pour hard work into a blog you’re passionate about and be rewarded by comments unrelated and overwhelmingly negative. It’s a shame, because I’m sure, just like me, before this was hijacked and transformed into a “I hate John Conrad” soap box, we all enjoyed coming here to read XO’s take on the latest game, acquisition, etc…
    But maybe I’m wrong and XO decided to take the summer off to cruise the Greek Islands, but all the same, he’s greatly missed…

  8. Jason W. says:

    1) Mac Suzuki is back with the Vipers; Joe Sergent has been placed on irrocovable waivers. I was under the impression that Suzuki “retired”. Has he been playing ball elsewhere-in other words, is he in game shape? The Vipers have a great chance to clinch the second half pennant, and Suzuki as a closer is a fine pick-up.

    2) I also got the impression that Sergent was working with pitchers and was a “coach”; interesting that he became a reliever this season. I hadn’t noticed if his game had slipped. Wasn’t he to teach kids at the Baseball Academy as well?

    3) As to “Camera Girl’s” comments,personally, as far as I could tell, going to a Vipers game was better than ever, even though the team on the field itself is not quite up to the talent level of 2009’s club. If it weren’t for this site for example, I wouldn’t even be aware of the feelings some have toward Mr. Conrad, frankly. (I’m not sure I totally want to hear about Conrad, beyond understanding why the off-season moves that happened, well, happened). I think just the fact that responses end up going off-course to the original topic, Like this “Drew Miller All Star”, indicates people actually are interested in discussing the Vipers, and different aspects of the ballclub game-to-game. That’s a really good thing. I’d like to hear other fans thoughts on Jonny Kaplan, Julio Ramirez, Foothills Stadium, the re-signing of Mac Suzuki. Maybe though, that is not the intention of “Ten Prairie Sticks”, and that’s perfectly fine too. Maybe what this all means is someone ought to start blog/forum that is more game-to-game and in depth on the club. “Ten Prairie Sticks” can be what it’s suppose to be, and another forum can discuss, say, feelings on the “Home Run Bucket”, or Drew Miller -anything!

  9. Viperfan says:

    Here is a website with forums to discuss the GBL. It doesnt seem to get used over much but it is there if anyone would care to use it. Probably a better place to discuss the management etc.
    There is another site too but I cannot remember what it is so I’m not sure why I brought it up……. LoL

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mac has been playing in Mexico so he is in shape and ready to go, but he is going to be used as a starter this time around. Mac is a great addition to help bush that team over the edge for the second half. Kaplan plays the game hard everyday, and that’s hard to find in INDY ball. Ramirez is a professional hitter, he can hit anything, but a bit lazy in the outfield. But in the end does it really matter this year. This league is a joke now, TJ folded for the second time, Yuma folded once they didnt win the first half and Maui did so they would not have to pay the airfare to travel there. St George folded as well. When i say folded they still have teams but they got rid of all there players for college guys that would play for 500 bucks. Not to mention Yuma Tuscon and TJ played extra games so Maui would not have to travel as much that’s why Maui has played 12 games in the second half and TJ Tuscon and Yuma have played 19 21 and 22, now how is that fair? And not to take anything way from Calgary and there recent sweep of Chico but most of there wins this half are against Yuma and TJ, not to mention Chico s players beginning to quit on the starting with Ross there catcher. Add in Edmonton who looked to be the best team in the league ending the first half had there Manager suspended for the rest of the year. This league is just a joke Maybe Calgary should head back to the northern league or start a new league.

  11. Jason W. says:

    1) I understand that the team in town now, St. George, is a road-only team owned by the GBL, as the owner ran out of $$$, citing not being allowed to sell Beer in Utah. We won’t be seeing them again after Tuesday. I checked their attendance and it was usually 400-ish fans/game. The owner said beer sales account for 33% of revenue. Yuma is GBL owned too, isn’t it?

    Tijuana, I read has a home stadium in “unplayable conditions”, therefore they are a road-only club as well. As for Maui, I don’t understand how owners in Calgary or Edmonton can stomach the price of playing in Maui. Wasn’t travel costs one of the reasons Calgary and Edmonton pulled out of the Northern League?

    I think it appears the Golden League expanded too far, too quick. I know Saskatoon and Kamloops have been mentioned for future expansion; plus reinstating Long Beach-they had some issue with the lease of their ballpark this season. Interestingly, Victoria Seals have the best attendance in the GBL-(so much for ball being dead in Canada).

    I don’t think the GBL is a joke at all; their ego for being in three countries didn’t work, and it’s a young league and teams come and go in independent ball all the time. More Canadian teams, more California teams would be a better way to go I think! This is no CBL.

    2) That was a fantastic come-from-behind win on Sunday! Kaplan made two great catches in CF; Vipers coming back with two runs in the 8th to win-on no hits! The 7-8-9 batting is the achilles heal. Definitely 8.

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