Live Tweeting is Kinda Like a Nutty TPS Report

As Julio (and possibly others) knows, Ilive tweeted” yesterdays triumphant victory by our virtuous and noble Calgary Vipers over the hapless Victoria Seals from the hallowed grounds of Foothills Stadium. For the Twitterless, here’s what happened:

Threatening clouds approach Foothills Stadium. Go @CalgaryVipers

Julio Ramirez and Drew Miller each with solo blasts, @CalgaryVipers lead Victoria Seals 2-1 in the third #yyc #calgaryvipers

Seals walk Dusty Gober – the pitcher – leading to a bonus run for @CalgaryVipers as Jonny Kaplan makes them pay… 3-1 after 2.5 innings

Mrs. Lager missed two @CalgaryVipers home runs to bring me (drumroll) TWO BEERS! What a game gal. 3-2 Vipes after 3 #irishhandcuffs

Bullpen prank –> @CalgaryVipers #bullpenprank

got to shake hands with an ’02 CDN Olympian before the game. Who knew? (At the time, not I) Still 3-2 @CalgaryVipersover the Seals after 4

You know what bugs me? People making their first visit to a @goldenbaseball game and they make fun of it. Get over it, this is good ball.

Clutch 2out 2rbi hit by Drew Miller in bottom 6th. Big jumping catch by Julio Ramirez at the wall in top 7. Currently 6-2 for @CalgaryVipers

I like all the #winnipegjets jerseys I’m seeing here at Foothills Stadium today. Bring back the Jets! @CalgaryVipers still lead 6-2 after 6

Former legendary @CalgaryVipers player Colin Moro gets a single for the Seals. Atta boy Moro.

The Dixie Horns or whatever they’re called played the best rendition of Take Me Out To The Ballgame I’ve ever heard Foothills @CalgaryVipers

@CalgaryVipers Brent Metheny (whose Stache was featured on @7IS not long ago) homers to make it 7-2 vs the Seals

The only fans being hard on @CalgaryVipers Kevin Price today are fans who have never been to a @goldenbaseball game before. Price is the man

The best part of ordering beer at the ballpark two at a time: when you think you’re outta beer, you’re wrong! #obviously #irishhandcuffs

@CalgaryVipers always tip THWBCIC generously. 7-2 Vipers in the 7th and I’m tipping over :-) #irishhandcuffs

@CalgaryVipers Luis Taveras looks like one tough motherf– and he pounds one to the wall to make in 8-2 for the good guys

@CalgaryVipers maybe I shoulda submitted a fan photo of the game, like this one:

KAPLANMANIA! Jonny Kaplan hits @CalgaryVipers 4th home run of the day to make it 9-4, PLUS he gets a curtain call. What a baller! Woooooooo.

@CalgaryVipers Kevin “Pcondoleezza” Price drives in the run that makes it 10-4 Vipers over the Seals so far In the 8th. Also, the beer!!

@VictoriaSeals manager gets kicked out arguing a checked swing, and for managing a crappy team. Still 10-4 for @CalgaryVipers

ANOTHER 2out 2rbi hit by @CalgaryVipers Drew Miller. God I love @goldenbaseball action! Wheeeee!

@CalgaryVipers win! @CalgaryVipers win! @CalgaryVipers win! 12-4 over the @VictoriaSeals at beautiful Foothills Stadium in #yyc

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2 Responses to Live Tweeting is Kinda Like a Nutty TPS Report

  1. another fan says:

    Welcome back, we have missed you dearly!!! What about those Vipers!! Love this play-off run!!

  2. Jason W. says:

    It is KAPLANMANIA, alright! The fans are definitely taking note of this guy- he may just be the most exciting player to ever wear a Vipers uniform. We think he kind of looks like Fonzie/Henry Winkler.

    You know, in a way, this 2010 team is more endearing than the 2009 squad- you expected them to win- but this 2010 club is such an odds and ends patchwork quilt of a team is somehow coming together. The 2010 club was a solid AA team; I hope these guys win it all this year. It would be actually more exciting.

    I really enjoy the enthusiasm of your tweeting.

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