Home Playoff Game #1 (2010 Edition)

Mother Nature did us a solid in Chico which resulted in a bonus home playoff game in The Greatest City In The World. Let’s take advantage and fill Foothills Stadium today at 7:00 PM for game two of this best of five. Calgary trails 1 game to 0, so dress warm and bring the noise.

See you at the game. If you can’t make it, I might be tweeting live from the game every now and then on: http://twitter.com/xolager

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7 Responses to Home Playoff Game #1 (2010 Edition)

  1. Sarah says:

    Oooh. Maybe D and I will come.

  2. Jason says:

    On-Field Comments-

    Players the Vipers should keep for 2011: Drew Miller- greatest Viper of all-time
    Jonny Kaplan-fastest player I’ve ever seen
    Brent Metheny-excellent year
    Mac Suzuki-better as a closer/reliever
    Reggie Rivard-pitched great late-season game & playoff
    Dusty Gober-best new pitcher;forget game #3
    Brant Stickel
    Kevin Price-better at C and 2B than the starters
    Dillon O’Crane-should be playing more
    Eric Dessau
    Mark Michael

    Players the Vipers should replace for 2011: Canabo Cosme
    Luis Taveras
    Guillarimo Reyes

    On the fence: Jorge Mejia-decline at bat and errors in the field
    Julio Ramirez-decent middle of the lineup bat

    Coaching Staff:

    1) Morgan Burkhart: I overheard one of the Chico management make a comment during game #2 of how none of the Vipers relievers had done any better than Mac Suzuki when Burkhart gave him the hook. I thought that was interesting, because I felt several times in the 2nd half that Burkhart thought he was being clever in his pitching changes, and they came back to bite him where they essentially blew a huge lead. There was a Sunday afternoon game where he went through 4-5 pitchers in the 7th inning- It went on forever! This is the GBL, not MLB, and the Vipers are not the Yankees. An Independent short-seasons’ bullpen isn’t a stable of Ace relievers, so why try to be so clever, Morgan? Joe Torre is getting a lot of heat in Los Angeles-how much is he responsible for the Dodgers/Yankees successes and failures? It makes me think of Burkhart- I mean, it’s easy to fill out this lineup card- but then there is glaringly weak holes in this lineup- 1)Canabo Cosme was struggling basically all year at the plate, and sometimes it seemed he was hardly trying at 3rd. A lot of balls got past him that shouldn’t have. Unconfident? Indifferent? 2) Luis Taveras- I know this isn’t the majors, but he had a lot of passed balls and dropped fowl balls.And Luis, even if you know you’ve grounded out-RUN! His and Cosme’s bats were so cold you could see the frost on them.

    Both O’Crane and Price have better Avg.’s than these two. Both have played Catcher very compentently. O’Crane has played 3rd for the Vipes before. Why would Burkhart play Taveras and Cosme and their ice cold bats over O’Crane, and not bring in another fielder in the playoffs? What was obivious in the 2010 Playoffs was the energy & youth of Chico- Cosme and Taveras represent neither. Trade for the Playoff run! Last year we acquired Wilver Perez, Sergio Pedroza (Playoff MVP),Cosme and Kit Pellow. Every time it was turn for the 7-8-9 batters….THUD. And every time he had Reyes PH it went nowhere. I know Burkhart’s contract has been extended for another two years, but how good is he really?

    #2: Boots Day: in Game #2 with the Outlaws up 1-0 Jonny Kaplan was rounding third–now most players would have a decent shot of scoring; Kaplan is the fastest player in the GBL and you gotta send him home! Not Boots, and the fans above me sure let him have it. Well deserved- Boots has been playing it way too safe all year. If the Vipers had tied the score in game two, maybe things would be different. 3 outs-no runs, and next inning Chico scores a bunch of runs, goes on to win. One fan yelled “THIS IS ON YOU,BOOTS”- and yeah, no guts,no glory. You gotta send Jonny home-of all people!

    Off-Field Comments-

    1) Making every game a “Theme Day” is a good way to go in 2011. “Paint the Park Pink” is essential; “Serve and Protect Day” was the coolest, and anytime you bring in the Zoo or “Inflatimaniacs”-style days is great for kids. I don’t think that was promoted well enough. Some days-“Winnipeg Day” (!?!- I know Gidney is from Winnipeg, but really-what’s next, “Surrey Day”?). And “Rider Pride” days are only good for the CFL and the Stamps-don’t listen to short-sighted comments like those by Mark Stephen on QR77.

    2) Slider- whowever was in that suit this year was fantastic. And promoting Slider more with In-Game video and routines, on the website and Youtube was smart. Also, his race with Gainer and apperance at the Stamps game is smart. Slider Merchandise is such an obivious way to go- I know the “makers” of Slider are weird about marketing their designs and getting a cut, at least they used to be- but Slider bean bag/stuffed dolls or t-shirts or his image on baseballs would be hot sellers.

    3) The Lineup Board and GBL Standings board were good additions. How about putting the names of Visiting Team batters and their AVG. on the scoreboard? If you can do the 50/50 every game, this can be done too. Why does the 2007 Division Champion board still announce itself in the RF Wall, but the 2009 Championship Flag has seemingly disappeared forever? And another fan had a good point-whatever happened to Player Awards?

    4) A lot of people talk about how baseball is not popular in Calgary. I see enough different faces every game to see that there is enough people supporting the team- they just need to come more often, and the team needs to find ways to get people to come out 6-10 times a year instead of 2-3 times. Victoria has the best attendance in the GBL and Calgary should be up there too.

    Looking forward to 2011-whether it’s in the GBL or Northern League.

  3. From inside the lockeroom says:

    1) Drew Miller is the best ever AGREED
    2) Jonny K very fast fun to watch plays the game right especially in Indy ball
    3) Brett Matheny Great player and locker room guy
    4) Mac great closer and good starter just think he might have been tired after last season and pitching in mexico
    5) Reggie great spark late in the season
    6) Gober, agreed great pick up good season, but don’t forget he did rack up most of his wins against the folded Yuma and TJ team teams, but a win is a win.
    7) Price and O’Krane could not agree more PLAY THEM PLEASE.
    8) Cosme and Mejia seemed to not be the same without Castro, they both followed him on and off the field i heard.

    Management- Burky Is a great coach there is no denying that but Managing who knows…
    1) Anyone could have managed last years team. With all of that talent they probably could have won the championship with no coach. Mike Busch and PY built an amazing core up here and with Sergent leaving in late July Miller and Price are the only ones left. One thing I will say about watching Morgan manage all year is he never gave up on any game at any point which is good and bad, sometimes you have to let one game go to win the next 3. After each of our games I would look at box scores of other games and we always had 2 to 3 more pitchers used than any other teams. As for Cosme we were not going to get rid of him because we traded the home town hero that made a third of his salary for him, no how would that look if we released him. Plus he was a great locker room guy. Plus he was just going to come back and beat us. As for trades there was just no money left to go get anyone and we didn’t have anything to offer them because all those guys you are talking about all made too much money to trade, and if they released anyone they would sign with other teams for a lot less money. Swallow that! From what I heard Morgan is planning on trying to get a pro ball job back in the states, which I think he would be a great hitting coach to a lot of the young players coming out of high school and college, so good luck, plus everyone knows he does not like it up here but its a job.

    As for boots he is old, and as you get older your motor skills slow down, trust me fans you are not the only ones who hated seeing that.

    But on the flip side we made the playoffs when know one said we could this year without evan lintini moro guarno pellow castro etc, and we did it for a lot less money.

    Newest Rumors Burkhart out, Toros manager to Calgary next season, Gidney family might be selling the team do to health.

  4. Camera Girl says:

    Jason W. You stole the words right out of my mouth! Nothing to add, except that I hope the “improvements to the on-field product” Conrad speaks of for 2011, reflects your observations.

  5. Baseball Dad says:

    Thanks for the comments about my son Dusty. He really enjoyed Canada this year. To “From inside the lockeroom”, yes he did get 3 wins vs. TJ (one was in relief), but his win against Yuma came when they were a pretty good time having just finished percentage points behind Maui in the 1st half.

  6. Baseball Dad says:

    Thanks for the comments about my son Dusty. He really enjoyed Canada this year. To “From inside the lockeroom”, yes he did get 3 wins vs. TJ (one was in relief), but his win against Yuma came when they were a pretty good time having just finished percentage points behind Maui in the 1st half.


  7. Evan G says:

    Hey Ed anyway you look at it 10 wins is 10 wins doesn’t matter who they are against. Cant really control who they put in front of you right, kinda like college football haha. I spent 5 years up there in calgary and could not hit that 10 win mark so it is a pretty special number. Congrats Dusty

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