May 29, 2011 – Game 2 of a Double Heady

Edmonton 13 Calgary 5

For this game I decided to really follow Vipers 1B RHB #13 Jimmy Rohan. Why? Because from here it looks like he’s wearing stirrups. Hosiery points!

1st inning at-bat: F9 on a 0-0 pitch.

4th inning at-bat: Worked a walk on a 3-2 pitch. Hopefully he made fun of infielder/first base coach Kevin “Pcondoleezza” Price WEARING A HOODIE in one of the hottest days of the year so far in Calgary. Seriously, a hoodie? Rohan’s walk set the table for a “The Bat from the Hat” Drew Miller 3-run bomb that still hasn’t landed.

5th inning fielding first base: picked up a pebble from the infield and threw it towards the Vipers dugout. He also touched his toes after RP Stephen Whalen intentionally walked Moustache Metheny. Rohan defensively chalked up the 3rd out of the inning unassisted while the bases were loaded.

5th inning at-bat: I’ve had a lot to drink by now, so I’ll say he would have beat out a double play had there not already been 2 outs when he was batting.

6th inning fielding first base: I’ve really got to pee but I’m holding on to see if Rohan can turn an unassisted double play… but Edmonton kept hitting it where Vipers weren’t. Mrs. Lager went to pee and missed 4 Caps runs. I’m jealous because (A) she missed
the slaughter, and (B) I have to pee worse.

7th inning at bat: he’s in the batter’s box!

More notes:

Former-Viper-turned-current-enemy Brent Metheny still gets that “Country Roads” song played for his before his ABs. He’s a moustache hero.

If the guy wearing the grey Jon Lester jersey is reading this, I hope you know your jersey is a cheap knockoff. The tells? Well (1) the MLB logo on the back collar is too small, (2) there’s too big of a space between “Red” and “Sox” on the jersey’s front, (3) the hanging Sox logo on the sleeve is made of too thin a fabric, and (4) the jersey looks like it was made out of satin.

Sing For Your Supper grade: F

We enjoyed the height mismatch during the three-legged race at the end of the third. More giants teamed with elves, please.

SP Dusty Gober scored the first run of 2011 for the Vipers on the Hallowed Grounds of Foothills Stadium.

10 kids were brought on-field to do the YMCA. By my count, 10% of them did the “C” the right way.

RP Dan “Less is” Morari didn’t get much of a chance tonight. 4 pitches. 4 balls. But he did get in this blog post!

As the top of the fifth carried on and the Vipers kept rotating relief pitchers (thanks J.J. Whetsel for stopping the bleeding), I was watching some little kid by the berm in a #14 powder blue Blue Jays jersey throw a two-seem fastball with movement. Who cares if it’s a foam baseball?

I dropped $2 into the home run bucket for Drew Miller, and it got me thinking that the pitchers should get a bucket too. Sure, they can hit home runs, but that’s not what they’re paid to do. There should be a Scoreless Strike Out The Side (SSOTS) Bucket. I’d pay.

All Metheny all the time! He may be on the wrong team now, but he’s still quality. Nice to see him engaging in some friendly banter with The People of Section A while he played 1B.

All Drew Miller does is get on base by any means necessary. Worth the ticket price right there.

The Capitals Todd Linden still legged out a triple when it was 12-4 in the 7th (and last) inning. Doesn’t he know I’m hungry and the concessions are closed?

The home plate ump was half-way through a fist-pump to call a strike on some Capital (hey, it’s Metheny again) in the 7th when Vipers catcher Matt Kavanagh got an appeal from the 3B ump to see if the batter went around a he said no, and the home plate ump abided. Does the blue get paid by the hour? Groan.

Kaplan got tossed by a home plate ump who can’t tell a ball from a strike. Seriously, why the ump-hate on Jonny? The 3B ump (who is 7 years old) suffers from small man syndrome (what kind of ump runs across the infield to challenge the entire home-team dugout?). That, and I’m a drunk fan.

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2 Responses to May 29, 2011 – Game 2 of a Double Heady

  1. Jason says:

    You put so much effort into covering the homeopener, I thought I’d respond!

    1) Brent Metheney looked chubbier, hairier, & played great, and I still don’t understand why he’s not back. I also saw him quite friendly with the fans in the on-deck circle, which is cool. “Country Road” is the weirdest, mellowest, “now-batting song” since that inappropriate R&B song Andy Ahab had with the Cannons in 2002. I don’t care if Metheney is for the Caps now, they should play “Country Roads” every single time he bats at Foothills!

    2) The Umping got a little surreal. Seeing Jonny Kaplan block the Umps’ arms while gettin’ thrown out was a first;never seen that Ump/Player contact before! Kaplan’s speed turned that hit in Game 2 into a triple.

    3) Hope you enjoyed your 2010 Stampede beer! I’m going to enjoy my $5.00 Vipers Watch as soon as I replace the dead battery it came with.

    4) Drew Miller hasn’t missed a beat- wicked homer, and a lot of hustle in the outfield. I appreciate how much I’ve caught him promoting the Vipers in the media lately, on radio, and the papers.

    5) Wonder what the long team meeting was all about in the party tent after Game 2?

    6) I think the Lilac Festival and the 2 rainouts affected attendance. Notably absent: “Billy”, and Mr. Gidney. Darryl Brinkley is no longer managing the Caps-where is he now?

    7) The PA speaker along the 1st base line didn’t work & it was impossible to hear most of what Mr. Watt was saying. Am I the only one that cringes in embarassment when the on field hosts’ mic cuts out? I hate when these things happen because it makes the production look amateurish, and I hate for new fans to be potentially turned off!

    8) Why is the Berm in such bad shape and an empty gas can and bag of fertilizer?/sand? laying where the 1st base tent usually erected? This park should look as professional as possible! I know they’re trying, but If I worked for the Vipers that park would be spotless. Why are the patio chairs stacked by the front gates and not ready for the fans? Why are there a bunch of giant garbage bins in the concourse under Section A? You can’t have kids throwing the ball around gas cans and a damaged berm! On the other hand, are the painted baseball tops on the garbage lids new? Cute!

    9) On paper, the pitching staff looks very, very good, but they looked poor on Sunday. Particularly the bullpen. Too early to make conclusions. Why is Troy Cate inactive?The new Catcher Cavanaugh appears much more athletic than Luis Taveras, but his throws to 2nd base were not good. Expect more from Wilver Perez & Brian Rios in games to come. I heard fans agreeing the Vipers don’t hustle to 1st. Didn’t notice that.

    10) Sing for Your Supper: F- x10

    11) The 2011 yearbook/program is the best written/put together yet. It’s worth picking up. Or pick one up amoungst the peanutshells and empties on the ground after the game. The one moment in the book that raises an eyebrow is when a member of management claims the stadium has space to display another Championship Banner (?!?!) Where the hey is your 2009 Banner?! Be proud! Put it up!

    12) It’s awsome the season has arrived! I have a sense that fan suggestions were listened to from the survey last season; there are a lot of familiar faces working at the park again and that’s nice; ther were a lot of people walking around with MLB shirts- Winfield/Mauer/Lester/Pedroia… saw Yankees/Orioles/Rangers jerseys and hats- I sense baseball is picking up interest in Calgary, and hopefully there’ll be a lot of support for the Vipers this summer! The ownership deserves it.

    Enjoyed your liquor fuelled description of a fun afternoon!

  2. xolager says:

    Wow. Great comments there Jason. I gotta agree with just about everything you said.

    I too was wondering where the 2009 Championship banner was an I also think the baseball-painted trash-can lids are new.

    Yeah, the berm looked like a Tremor visited it’s base. Probably a quick fix though.

    And yeah, the wireless on-field mic was almost impossible to understand. Not impossible enough though during sing for your supper ;-)

    I didn’t notice the Kaplan try to block the ump’s ejection sign. Guess I had a few too many 2010 beers by then ;-)

    Again, great comments Jason. Top drawer.

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