May 29, 2011 – Opening Day and Game 1 of a Double Header

Edmonton 3 Calgary 0

What did Jonny Kaplan do or say to home umpire Neil Turner? Kaplan’s
Strike Zone appeared to start at his ankles.

Speaking of the umps, a generous call (in Edmonton’s favour) on a check swing that broke the plane in the third lead to 2 of the Capitals’ 3 runs. Calgary SP Garret Holleran pitched really well (and hit two balls hard while at-bat) and deserved better than an L. His footwork on the rubber before he delivers a pitch is something new to me. It’s like a shuffle-step. If he pitches like this all year he’ll do really well.

As well as Holleran pitched, the Caps’ (or CAP8s’, if you go with how their jerseys look) Lou Pote was even better. He was mostly unhittable, and at te end he and Holleran each gave up 3 hits.

I was drinking for the cycle after the 5 innings (a beer per inning) but I lost my cycle bid when Pote lost his no-hitter bid. I don’t think I’m as good a drinker as Pote is a pitcher anyways. He’s really good and I’m more of a lumberjack.

The 2011 WS run did the Texas Rangers good in Calgary. I saw two Rangers jerseys at the ballpark, and both had World Series patches on the sleeve (and one Rangers “fan” had on a Blue Jays cap).

Good god I missed live baseball.

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