Five Dollar Baseball!

Okay, so I was a little late to the game. I may or may not have been pre-drinking at the pub to get into game shape and next thing I knew it was 3-1 Calgary in the third when we rolled up to the park (I wasn’t driving, in case you were worried).

Let Manny bat! Starting pitcher Manny Ayala has “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones as his batting music. Nails! He pitched lights out, too.

6 runs on 3 hits for the heroic homeside in the 5th. Those bases loaded walks and passed balls are great when they go your way.

Here’s xolager’s tip of the day: Add onions (they’re on the ketchup table) to your cheese fries. Of course, your wife eats all your fries this way.

It can’t be said enough: Drew Miller is very good at baseball.

It may have been a smaller crowd but it was a loud and fun crowd. If you’re reading this and you weren’t at Foothills Stadium tonight, you missed a good time. And to top it off, Calgary beat Edmonton 11-1

PS. This is a reminder to always tip the beer guy (THWBCIC), and to save some change at the end of the game for The Sax Man.

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One Response to Five Dollar Baseball!

  1. xolager says:

    I just read the actual recap only to find out I missed a Jonny Kaplan home run by arriving late. LET THIS BE MY LESSON!

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