Two Dollar Hotdogs and other Excitements

It’s Tuesday, which is apparently “Toonie Tuesday.” I knew it meant some items would be $2, but I didn’t know what. The nice gal at the concessions stand told me it means hotdogs were $2 and small sodas were $2. Beer is still $5.50, which is worth more than 2.75 small sodas to me.

There’s also new KMR (ketchup, mustard, relish) pumps. No more scooping relish with a spoon like a savage.

Two new promotions I didn’t know about: (1) if a Viper hits a home run through the hole in the Glenmore Audi sign, a fan wins $50,000 towards a car at that dealership, and (2) if a Viper hits for the cycle, 10 fans win a grand each. Let’s do this.

The home run hole is to left field, so hopefully Drew Miller is practicing going opposite field. I’m liking Louis Templeton to be the man to get the job done.

There was a DJ and an excited hanger-on when you walked into the ballpark today. The next Peanut Butter Wolf?

The Red Sox Yankees game was on the scoreboard bigscreen prior to the game. Really smart idea.

I like it when the Vipers open a game by striking out an opponent. Mark Michael looks on tonight. I think I’m going to sit back and enjoy the rest of the game. I might chime in later with a comment, but I might not. If you miss something, that’s your fault for not being here ;-)

Wait… Popcorn (and cotton candy and snow cones) costs $2 as well? Victory!

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