The Hotdog Challenge

Today (and apparently every Wednesday) is Frankfurter Fwednesday. A buck a Frank. That means the “xolager combo” of two beers and four hotdogs costs an even $15.

For three of my $1 hotdogs I did a condiment taste test. One with just mustard, one with just relish, and one foul mistake (hotdog + ketchup = crime). Ground-breaking stuff here.

Under similar weather conditions as yesterday, Vipers Wilver Perez and Jonny Kaplan swapped their sleevedness from yesterday’s chart. Starting pitcher Garret Holleran went long sleeved along this right (pitching) arm and short sleeved down the other. Had enough sleeve talk yet? No? Good.

Off the bench, pinch hitter Jeff Giacomini went short sleeved.

Did a sleeved Dan Morari strike out the freaking side in the 8th? Does Mrs. Xolager spill my beer? (Yes to both)

Speaking of Mrs. Xolager, she enjoyed her $1 hotdog, but she still likes the burgers from the grillpit best. She barely even shares with a certain blogger.

A short-sleeved Wilver Perez got the winning RBI in the bottom of the 8th. Closer Claudio Galva slammed the door shut in the ninth with a foul pop-up and two strikeouts. 3-2 Calgary beats Edmonton.

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