Andy Jenkins: International Man of Mystery

Contrary to how things may look on this blog lately, I don’t like being late for baseball games.

And yet here I am on the train as I type knowing full well the first part of the Vipers double header vs. Chico must be half over by now.

Still, one and a half games of live baseball is better than just about two anythings.

I did find this ratty old baseball on my commute today. I took it as a sign I’d get out of work early and make the Vipers game in time. I must have read the sign wrong.

By the time I made it to the ballpark it was 5-2 Calgary in the fifth inning of the first game. Another black vs. black game. And holy cow, what a crowd! Looks like the largest crowd of the year so far.

I may have been late, but not too late to witness The Bat From The Hat Drew Miller smack a line-drive home run to dead center. For those who haven’t been to the hallowed grounds of Foothills stadium, it’s 400 yards to dead center and the wall is about 6 Jonny Kaplans high.

Andy “Leroy” Jenkins (#4) doesn’t have a NOB (Name on Back) in his jersey yet. Maybe he’s trying to preserve his secret identity, and I screwed it up.

(In the above photo, it’s hard to tell but I think the first base coach is wearing on of the plastic helmets they serve popcorn in.)

The Outlaws had the tying run at the plate with two outs in the final inning, but closer Claudio Galva induced a fly ball to left for a 6-2 Vipers win.

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