Fireworks Night at Foothills Stadium

A very strong crowd was on hand to witness Fireworks Night on the Hallowed Grounds of Foothills Stadium tonight.

What? Jose Canseco was playing and Managing as well? He hit a bomb? His Yuma Scorpions beat the valiant Calgary Vipers 13-8 (or something like that)? Well, I guess there was that too.

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One Response to Fireworks Night at Foothills Stadium

  1. Jason says:

    1) That was an awsome fireworks display; (never seen launchers on the diamond before). The stadium looked very creepy, with Film Noir smoke! Cool! With the fireworks/ Canseco/ Inflatimaniacs, Foothills has been a very entertaining place to be. How can you not notice Mr. Conrad and the rest really are working hard.

    2) Jose Canseco at bat is an Event! His batting stance looks like he shouldn’t pull a lot of power, but I haven’t seen a home run like Thursday’s since players like Castro batted for the Cannons. Even Canseco’s fowls were impressive. Watch him on the on-deck circle- his swings are really fluid and pro! He seems like either a really animated, larger-than-life enthusiastic Manager, or a wee bit of a jerk. Watch when he pulls a player aside! I don’t get why some are booing him.

    3) This series has featured some absolutely outstanding catches by Miller, Templeton, and Kaplan. Templeton’s effort is a pleasure to watch over Canabo Cosme’s irritating disinterest last year.

    4) Giacomini at 1st, is a big improvement over Kavanaugh-he really struggled in his time here. Kavanaugh was batting I think .114 when he was released; ex-Viper Brent Metheney at that moment was .412 with Edmonton. Just saying.

    5) Why was Brian Rios suited up for Yuma this week? And why did the radio broadcast mention it being his last game? What happened to him with the Vipers?

    6) That “Rally” video is really funny. Kooky kids! Like the Magnet Schedules-well done. The Toonie Tuesday Slider Toonie picture is great. I really like how that batboy Jake tips his hat every time the crowd chants his name when he picks up a bat. This has been going on for 2-3 years now. The batboy has a fan club?

    7) Kevin Price made a fine early putout last night. Good to see him again.

    8) The weather has been brutal up to now, but the crowds since last weekend have been good- the huge lineup at the gates on Tuesday was amazing.

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