Yet Another Baseball Game Cancelled

Not to be outdone by a Lake County Fielders game being cancelled earlier this season due to a lack of baseballs, tonight’s Calgary Vipers game (a Friday night game with perfect weather, mind you) has been cancelled because the Chico Outlaws can’t (or won’t) get here on time.

From the Vipers’ press release:

“After playing at home last night the Outlaws flight this morning to Calgary was cancelled.”

If the Golden… err… North American League want to be treated like a professional sports league, it has to stop doing things that other professional sports leagues don’t do!

I found three direct flights online today that would have got the Outlaws from San Francisco (a three hour drive from Chico) to Calgary in time to play “professional” baseball today. Why didn’t anyone from Chico or Calgary try this? Defeatist attitude, I guess.

If there’s one point that has been driven home to me against my will in my years of Vipers fandom (including running this blog for three seasons) it’s that most people in Calgary – including baseball fans – don’t take the Vipers seriously, and it’s for reasons like this.

UPDATE. Here’s a response from Vipers GM Patrick Haas:

“Hey I want to let you know that the Outlaws had flights scheduled this morning from Sacramento to Seattle and Seattle into Calgary. Unfortunately the flight from Sacramento to Seattle was cancelled and all other flights were sold out. They tried to only send ten players but even that wasn’t possible. We also looked into flights out of San Francisco and the only one still available landed in Calgary at 6:16 pm.”

I’m happy about the response, but still obviously disappointed about the lack of baseball tonight and the way it was originally communicated. See you Saturday, I guess.

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3 Responses to Yet Another Baseball Game Cancelled

  1. Not Convinced says:

    According to Jose Canseco (via twitter), Yuma’s flight, who were playing against Chico last night, was also cancelled, but somehow, THEY managed to make it to Edmonton on time. It is also worth mentioning that they were flying to Edmonton, where fewer flights are available, and usually more expensive than let’s say, flying to Calgary… So I’m not convinced they looked @ all available options… Just my 2 cents.

  2. xolager says:

    Hmmm… Very interesting

  3. Jason says:

    That comment, ” That most people in Calgary don’t take the Vipers seriously” is true but unfair to the Vipers organization.

    A huge,huge problem for the Vipers is the NAL/GBL. Example: check out “Youtube”- “Lake County Fielders PBP Quits on Air”. Additionally, as we know, the season was cut short last week to get right to the playoffs. Obiviously not because the playoff teams are already determined, but clearly there is ZERO revenue to be had by playing one more week! That’s a BIG red alert about the state of the NAL- couldn’t even make it to the finish line of the schedule this year!

    The Lake County Fielders couldn’t afford the cost of flying out to Maui for ONE more series at a reported cost of $60,000. So, reportedly, Maui is belly up now too and the stadium is hosting some weird exhibition games in place. I read reports in Maui websites that Maui is strong enough financially to come back next season,and wants to, but from where I stand, the mere concept of a team in Maui is rediculous and Insane- travelwise/cost wise! I feel for the fans of Maui that enjoy their ball like some of us in Calgary, but It just does not make ANY sense to have a Maui team- it is just an excersize of ego by the NAL to say how “big” their league is to have teams from Edmonton to Tijuana to Maui. With average attendance league wide not more than 2000?!? Insane!

    @ a price tag of $60,000 LC Fielders cannot afford to fly out to Maui. The NAL fines LC $25,000/missed game. The fines are more than the Maui trip! Meanwhile, LC Fielders continue to play against an assembled team called the “Kenosha Kings”. I see the Kings even beat LC!

    So, yes, the people of Calgary do not thake the Vipers seriously. But for stupid reasons. The Vipers are a really well run ballclub. They are professional. They treat their players well (by all appearances from my little yellow seat). Their in-game presentation at tis point is better than the PCL MLB-affiliated Cannons achieved. They are putting a lot of money into trying to attract fans. People don’t take the Vipers seriously because the league is not closely enough affiliated with MLB level ball, or the opponents are not familiar- I heard one fan yell out the other week, “Where the hell is ‘Chico’!?!” I think the Vipers in some ways are fortunate the local media doesn’t follow the NAL because the Leagues’ antics would destroy the integrity of the Vipers. Mr. Conrad and the rest have brought more sensiblity to the Vipers I believe- the promotions are better and more intelligent; I don’t see stupid wastes of money going on like the “Vipers Limo”, or that cool looking but unnecessary Vipers Bus parked any more, or Peter Young on the field on the Mic talking about “topping up” the 50/50 to $800 to get people to buy more 50/50! What a waste of money!

    The Vipers don’t play with crappy baseballs, cancel road trips, assemble teams to play against in lieu of playing actual NAL clubs. They pay their players. How would you feel as a ticket holder supporting that nonsense? How would you feel as a player risking injury not even knowing if you’ll see a cheque at the end of the week?

    The Vipers need to really reassess their place in Independant ball over the winter. They should investigate joining the American Association- that has teams we know like the Winnipeg Goldeyes, Fargo-Moorehead Redhawks, Gary Southshore Railcats- opponents from the past. Although some clubs will not want to travel to Alberta probably. OR- a serious probe into the viability of the expansion of a Western Canadian Division of the NAL and placement of teams in Saskatoon, Kelowna, for example. Maybe bring back a Victoria Seals club. The NAL needs a change at the top. And, the NAL needs to let go of their ego with placement of clubs in exotic locations that are geographically ludricrous costwise for the other clubs.

    My fear is that the NAL will inplode due to ineptitude, and other leagues will not take Edmonton and Calgary, and we could lose the Vipers simply because they will not find a place to play. Or they’ll go dark for a year. There are good signs- over 4,000 fans last Sunday; 3000+ fans on a Wednesday (!) with no major promotion in-game. I think more people are coming back to check out more gaes because Conrad & Co.’s hare work is starting to pay off.

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