Mouth-Agape on the Calgary Vipers

Oh those zany Calgary Vipers of Golden League Baseball.  If you work for them – and Jose Lima’s in town – you’ll get a soulful rendition of Happy Birthday that puts Marilyn  Monroe to shame (huh?).  If you sit in the wrong yellow seat, you might get a hole or two in the back of your shirt (I can confirm this).  If the visiting victim team scores seven runs in the top of the third, by no means does this suggest the hometown heroes can’t score nine runs in the bottom of the fourth (the fat-lady doesn’t even warm up during double-digit deficits).  If your hands are empty, THWBCIC has sage advice (“you there with the empty hand, but a beeeeeer in it”).

This is my Calgary Vipers blog, on which I’ll wax romantically on the Heroes of Foothills Stadium, and a little bit of Baseball in general. Maybe Calgary can be a baseball town?


3 Responses to Mouth-Agape on the Calgary Vipers

  1. Travis says:

    Hey I was wondering if you knew the introduction song when Mark Okano comes to bat.It has been driving me nuts.

  2. xolager says:

    Some time while I was away, Mark Okano must have changed his batting music to a new song. I know what you mean about his new song, it sounds very familiar, but I can’t put my finger on the title.

    Rick Guarno seems to have changed his batting music as well.

  3. Frenchie says:

    We are trying to pack a section with fun baseball fans for the last sunday of the regular season…should be fun…
    -from the loud fans of sundays

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