January 7th, From Here On, Is “Boots Day”

The Vipers rounded out their coaching staff today.  Charles Frederick “Boots” Day, a lifetime .256/.314/626 hitter in 1151 Major League ABs from 1969 to 1974 is now on the payroll.  More recent photos show Boots rocking a mustache, which I hope is the case when he’s teaching the Vipers the finer points of hitting.  Mustaches are amazing, especially in baseball.  If I were a baseball manager, I’d invoke an all-mustache rule for my players and coaches.

But wait!  There was yet another “Boots Day” miracle that took place today…

The Vipers acquired finally formally announced the December 9th acquisition former Angels prospect, and 2008 GBL Week-7 Player of the Week, 1B Seth Loman from the St. George Roadrunners in exchange for a tainted Cracker-Cat arm.  I like this trade.  The 23 year old Loman does not have a mustache, but he did produce splits of .350/.460/1169 last season with 19 home runs in 220 ABs.  Yowza!  Those are mustache-worthy numbers.

I don’t have a facebook page, but if  did, I’d see if Seth Logan would be my friend.  I’m 99% sure this is him, based on this low-res pic.  They look the same, right?

Okay, I’ve gone too far now.  I’ve looked up enough Seth Loman stuff that I’m feeling like a bigger creep than usual.  I’ll stop now.  Welcome to the Calgary Vipers, Seth.

The addition of Loman at 1B fills the gap left by late-season rental Kit “Feather” Pellow, who is back with the Lincoln Saltdogs.  Kit sure had some fine facial hair.

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